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Please allow me to introduce myself and the purpose of this Brad Pitt e-zine: My name is Alexandra Haviara, I am a student and I live in Athens, Greece. My interest in Brad Pitt started some years ago, when I first saw him in Thelma & Louise and in A River Runs through It. Soon, I started collecting photos of the man, in order to use them as a model for my drawings, since he is one of the most photogenic people I can think of. When I read some interviews that he had given and some articles about him, I was glad to discover that he is a very low-profile person, with a well-built personality.

Two years ago, when I started creating my personal website, I included a section about Brad. Most of the visitors were (and still are) male, and I think they werenít very enthusiastic with this particular section. Well, I didnít want to have something in my page that only a few people were looking at! So, Iíve decided to create a whole website for Brad, that his true fans, or anyone interested, could see!

As I have already told you, I am Greek, and although there are still many magazines in my country, greek and non-greek, covering Brad issues, I donít have as many sources as I would like so as to create an always up-to-date website. But there are so many other people who own fantastic Brad websites, that I donít have to worry about that. This site is in English and frame-version only, cause I am really busy and it would be impossible to design multiple versions of the site. Please excuse me if there an update is delayed. I am really doing my best here!
The purpose of this e-zine is to make all the fans spend some pleasant time viewing pictures and reading information. Iíll try not to publish very common things about him, but any help and contribution is valuable. You can send me any kind of pictures and text, such as news, articles, your personal opinion of Brad, or what youíd like his next step to be. Just be respectful! Please donít forget to take part in the
Brad Pitt 2000 Survey, with questions about Bradís career and personal life, since the results will be published on May. Of course, your comments about this e-zine are always welcome: use either my e-mail address or my guestbook. Thank you for visiting!


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