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January 1999 - November 1999

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January - March 1999

August 1999 - October 1999 - December 1999

Article (18th December, 1999)



They are more involved together and at peace than ever. Brad said, while at a pub/bar, that with Jenn we play tourist and it doesn't matter what we wear or who recognizes us. With an ingratiating manner and charming spirit, Jennifer , the heroine Rachael on TV'S friends,  won the heart of Brad--conquered it with the force of her happy outlook. Indeed, after a long relationship with the aristocratic and cold Gwyneth, he needed to have a more down to earth partner and build rapport on happiness and simplicity.  As in these photos, the two were photographed in a London pub.  London is the city where Brad went to publicize his latest film, Fight Club. The two put on jeans and Tshirts and went to enjoy themselves at a pub in England's capital. With such an air of normalcy, the two went unrecognized!! (Note from Lisa--if they were unrecognized, how were they photographed?) 



July 1999

March 1999

November 1999

Translation from Lisa:

Kiss me! had a vote on who is sexier, Brad or Nick Carter. After a head to head voting battle, the trophy went to Brad Pitt -although in Fight Club he was 'ugly' the readers voted for Brad anyway.

Brad's age : 36

Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius 

Sexiest Attribute : those shoulders

Most romantic attribute : his smile!  (Lisa agrees with that, by the way!!)

What he likes to drive : ???

What he hates : vulgar things  

February 1999

March 1999 - November 1999

In his latest film Fight Club he is his most evil and sexiest ever.

Analyzing his Numbers 

William Bradley Pitt was born Wed. Dec 18 in Shawnee OK. His sign is Sagittarius, his sun is in Sagittarius, moon in Aquarius.

First period - age 1-35.  Dominant number 3 : Time for expansion, new experiences, movement, sensibility. Time to understand necessities, obtain respect of others and to place himself center stage. Concentrate on what he truly wants out of life, decide on new objectives. In this time Brad developed his preferences in his style/appearance and cultivated his image -a period of increased enthusiasm and interests. He should be aware of excessive extravagances, too strong emotions and excessive spurts of energy

Second period - age 36-44. Dominant number 1 :  Time of change, personal decisions, redefining objectives and being more individualist-even it at times he feels alone.  A time to concentrate and decide what he really wants in life, to decide on new objectives.  There could be changing in his love life regarding Jennifer.

Third period - age 45-53. Dominant number 4: Time to organize, construct, put things in order.  Economically too, put things in order. A time of much physical, sexual, sporty and work related matters. Children may possibly arrive. He must watch for temptations, curb spending, must not be too stubborn or irritable.

Fourth period - age 54 on... Dominant number 22 : Period of grand energy, time to think big.  Brad will be able to bring to fruition some grand projects. Maybe he will find himself a bit alone, it seems a bit his destiny, but needed in order to concentrate on opportunities. Time of dangerous and courageous action, but guided by good sense. Brad will feel nearly invincible. If he doesn't listen to his heart though, this energy can go in the wrong direction, causing more damage than good birth.

Number of birth : 22. 22 allows the person to see the essence of things. People born under 22 are organized, creative, efficient and attracted to physical activities. They have the ability to  find magic in reality. They have the ability to manage their wealth well. They should stay away from extravagance, fanaticism, excess in general. Choice occupations for such a person - diplomat, comic, politician, sociologist, writer, artist.

Number of destiny : 9. The destiny of Brad is to understand the person he loves, to also see beauty in life which he will show to others and receive love in exchange for. He tries to make the world a better place with philanthropIc gifts.  If however he doesn't achieve what he wants, he must be careful not to be depressed or egotistical.

Number of appearance : 8. He can influence those around him. He is thought to be successful. Clothes befitting such a man, made to order to his size. (Lisa´s and Alexandra´s note: he looks great in anything, from jeans to suits.)

Number of stability : number 4. The key is to be practical and to organize, but to unite fantasy and reality. Also add a large dose of courage, patience and hard work.

October 1999 - November 1999

January 1999

7 February 1999 - 31 October 1999

20 January 1999 - November 1999

Brad wants to reclaim his fans with Fight Club. He says he wants to find a woman
to love and start a family -that is what he is working on. Beauty can be a trap he says but it not bad looking in the mirror. On acting there is no thing as the perfect performance, but would like to see himself rise to greater heights

March 2000

Summary: Brad was in Tokyo last year and saw earrings in the shape of the moon.  He wanted the matching ring, which they didn't have.
Supposedly when he went home he kept in touch and designed exactly what he wanted for JA, who "has delicate hands".  He invited one of the
people involved to his home, which is the part about him making coffee and introducing the dogs.  Asked if it is an official engagement, this
person says she doesn't want to betray Brad by saying so, since they are friends.  Then it talks about the company and that many famous people
have given testimonials for this jeweler.  The company felt another woman couldn't replace Isabella Rosellini as spokesperson, so they
wanted a man and Brad was first choice

This page would not have been created without Valentina´s contributions and Lisa´s translations & summaries!

CIAK - Cioe´s Girl - dippiu - Friends & Company - Kiss me - Mini

Mix! - Super Astro Teen - Tam Tam - Top Girl - Tv Film - TV Stelle - Sette (13th March) - Brad Pitt book (13th March)


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