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#4: You prefer Brad playing ...

a stunner - a tragic figure - a funny character - a "bad guy"

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#4: Brad looks better in...

a suit - casual wear - a bathrobe

#3: Brad looks more gorgeous in...

Thelma&Louise - ┴ River Runs Through It - Legends of the Fall - Devil┤s Own - Seven years in Tibet - Meet Joe Black

#2: If Brad wanted to make an autobiographic movie and searched for a star, who do you think he should cast as himself (Brad)?

Matt Damon - Johnny Depp - Leo DiCaprio - Joseph Fiennes - Val Kilmer - Rob Lowe

#1: Brad is the new...

James Dean - Marlon Brando - Robert Redford

So far, in Deja-rating, people have given Brad Pitt an average score of...

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