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"If people didn't make art that critiqued the dysfunctions in society because they were worried about copycat things, Scorsese wouldn't have made Taxi Driver... Remember, the Nazis started burning books in 1937. There's an amazing monument there to mark this occasion, so it doesn't happen again. Instead of some fascist symbol, they have just a square cutout, and you look down and it's glass, and you walk over it, and it's an empty room with empty bookshelves. It's really beautiful."

"Do you know how tough it is to make one good film, for all the elements to come together? It's a miracle in itself. And anyone who has had one touch of greatness, they can go and do anything else in the world."



"Listen, there are painkillers for this and Band-Aids for that, but the bottom line is there are tough times and good times. One of the scenes I love in Meet Joe Black is when my character says,`You do the best you can and if you´re lucky,you take some perfect pictures with you´. And I wouldn´t trade any of the rotten times.
They´re vital to defining who you are, what you want, how you want to live-all those grand little topics."


"I remember as I turned 30 I said, "I have no more excuses for myself. I've got to figure these things out."


"I think I could have been a manic-depressive at one point. But I said no. Too easy."



"I represent the guy who's got everything. I deserve a beating, you know what I'm saying? Well, I'm not that guy. But I see that guy out there sometimes - what he's turned into - and, you know, I want to beat him up. I want to slap him. The me out there [he points across the room, where no one is] who's not me... But I'm telling you, once you get everything, then you're just left with yourself. I've said it before and I'll say it again: It doesn't help you sleep any better, and you don't wake up any better because of it."

"People want to be famous. You have no idea what you´re getting to. There´s a great line in Interview (with a Vampire) that says, "Do you know how few vampires actually have the stamina for immortality?" I love that. That´s dead-on."



"I´d settle for the truth. Not too much to ask for, is it? But truth doesn?t always sell... I´m starting to censor myself... A story about somebody?s misery is more entertaining than a story about someone´s happiness."

"Reporters are always asking me what I feel China should do about Tibet. Who cares what I think China should do? I'm a fucking actor. I'm here for entertainment, basically, when you whittle everything away. I'm a grown man who puts on makeup."


"Love is work... Do you want to be with someone, or do you want to play around? You make your choice."

"Listen, this L word (=love), it's so abused and bastardized, you've got to have a fair understanding of yourself before you can experience any of that...."





"It´s just as important to find out what you don´t want to do as what you do want to do"






...and the winner quote is...:

Now, that is something very true, don´t you think? The little flaws on people make them different, special and human. Maybe at first we don´t like them, but finally we accept them and they become extra reasons for loving people...


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