"I donīt pick roles that reinforce the stud thing because:

1) Itī s boring. 2) Itī s stupid. 3) Itī s death."

Complete Filmography

 01. Less than Zero (1987) prepie kid at fight (uncredited)
 02. No Manīs Land (1987) a waiter (uncredited)
 03. A Stoning in Fulham County (1988) (TV) Theodore "Teddy" Johnson
 04. The Dark Side of the Sun (1988) Rick
 05. Happy Together (1989) Brian
 06. Cutting Class (1989) Dwight Ingalls
 07. Too Young to Die? (1990) (TV) Billy Canton
 08. The Image (1990) (TV) Steve Black

 09. "Glory Days" (1990) TV Series Walker Lovejoy

 10. Across the Tracks (1991) Joe Maloney
 11. Thelma & Louise (1991)  J.D.
 12. Johnny Suede (1991) Johnny Suede
 13. A River Runs Through It (1992) Paul Maclean
 14. Contact(1992) Cox
 15. Cool World (1992) Frank Harris
 16. True Romance (1993) Floyd
 17. Kalifornia (1993) Early Grayce
 18. Legends of the Fall (1994) Tristan Ludlow
 19. The Favor (1994) Elliott
 20. Interview with the Vampire (1994) Louis De Ponte Du Lac
 21. Seven (1995)... as David Mills
 22. Twelve Monkeys (1995) Jeffrey Goines
 23. Sleepers (1996) ... as Michael Sullivan
 24. The Devil's Own (1997) Frankie McGuire or Rory Devaney
 25. Seven Years in Tibet (1997) Heinrich Harrer
 26. Meet Joe Black (1998) Joe Black (Death)
 27. The Fight Club (1999) Tyler Durden
 28. Being John Malkovich (1999) himself
29. Snatch (2000)

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Well, Brad seems to be hurting himself every time he plays in a David Fincher film. First, at Seven, he was seriously injured while chasing the bad guy, and now, with Fight Club, he had his teeth chipped for playing Tyler. But thatīs not all. Letīs see: For playing Louis (Interview with a Vampire) he wore special eye lenses, fake teeth and long nails that made his life difficult. He couldnīt even zip his pants with them, as he said. For playing Early (Kalifornia) he took 20 pounds and didnīt wash his hair at all for days! He also spent two weeks in a Philadelphia mental institution and wore brown contact lenses for the role of Jeffrey (12 Monkeys), he has changed his hairstyle innumerous times (long, short, black, brown, blonde, shaved head, has had beard and even moustache!), he practised climbing for playing Harrer (Seven Years in Tibet), and he has learned speaking English with an Irish (Devilīs Own), an Austrian (Seven Years in Tibet) and a Jamaican (Meet Joe Black) accent! Well, if all these donīt tell you heīs not just a hunk but an actor who devotes himself to his work, then ...?


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